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A Letter From The CEO

Slipstream bids all clients and friends a hearty hello. It will be nineteen years in May since Slipstream Expedited Services, Inc. opened for business. Over that time we have amassed quite a few clients who ultimately became our friends. All clients we came to respect and appreciate. Slipstream filled a niche, which required great trust in us, on the part of our clients. For that we will be forever grateful. We are proud of the work we did at Slipstream. We also feel very fortunate for the plethora of experiences, which imparted vast amounts of knowledge about logistics, supply chains, warehousing techniques, inventory control, "reverse logistics" and more. As this niche provider we stood out as, in many cases, a fleet multiplier for a supply chain. In some cases we designed and even became the supply chain. These unique opportunities gave us a special perspective and thusly, the opportunity to learn and grow, as a company and as logistics practitioners.

It is now time to grow even further. After many months of hard work, I am very proud to announce that Slipstream will be folded into The Assist Logistics Group, LLC.

The Assist Logistics Group, going forward, is designed as a full service Third Party Logistics Provider. The core will be comprised of an asset based carrier, Assist Transport Services, Inc., a freight broker, (Slipstream, dba) Assist Brokerage Services, Inc. and a forwarder, Assist Global Forwarding, Inc. These will be the primary tools by which all logistics services will be provided. A suite of services is listed on the website at,

I am also proud to announce that I have been asked to serve as the Senior Managing Member of the LLC, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Directors. I have humbly accepted the responsibilities of these positions.

As one of my top two lieutenants, Mr. Connor R. Heidkamp will serve as an Executive Vice President, our Chief Operations Officer, and a Member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Heidkamp has been instrumental in the growth and success of Slipstream for over twelve+ years. I can think of no one better prepared and no one I would trust more to bring success to Assist Logistics serving in these positions.

Mr. Jason D. Wisla will serve as an Executive Vice President, our Chief Financial Officer, and Member of The Board of Directors. Mr. Wisla earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business, from Colorado State University and came to Slipstream over six years ago. Mr. Wisla has been key to Slipstream's success and growth during that time. There is no one better prepared for the rigors of these responsibilities and no one more trustworthy to bring success to Assist Logistics Group serving in these positions.

More importantly, both of these gentlemen have also accepted the most important position of all. Both are fully vested Managing Members of The Group. This gives both a powerful voice in the road to success Assist Logistics decides to take. I am thrilled to report that both of these exceptional gentlemen have boldly accepted the responsibilities of, and have graciously agreed to serve in these positions.

Thank you gentlemen, I very much look forward to working with you both and our continued success.

The mission of Assist Logistics Group will be the same as it was at Slipstream. We will strive to provide the ultimate in service of our customized logistical support, by bringing to bear all of our collective knowledge and experience, seamless integration of the proper equipment, constant communication with our client and complete commitment to bring every opportunity we have been entrusted with to a completely successful conclusion. Failure, in any way, is not an option.

A Customer is one who visits your establishment and shops your many wares. A Client is one that comes to you in a time of need, to engage your service, experience, knowledge and expertise in pursuit of a higher purpose.

The Assist Loqistics Group. LLC will treat all who come to us as a client. not a mere customer.

Thank you for your Kind Attention.

David P. Wisla The Assist Logistics Group, LLC

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